introducing ourselves

Drawing and Manual launched our first office in Hongo, Tokyo in 1997.
Design exists everywhere in everyday life. In fact, design for living cannot exist without a firm basis in reality.
Computer creations of virtual reality are good, yet not quite good enough for us.
For this reason, we prefer drawing on real life and manual craftsmanship as much as possible.
This philosophy constantly inspires our company, in name and in action.

Our company plans and manages the Motion Graphics Exhibition, as we have done since our founding in 1997.
While handling web, video, and graphic design assignments, we also search for new business areas with long-term design development potential.
This led us to purchase existing designs from recycling stores and market these on an experimental basis through our "D&MA" web store.
Six months later, we officially settled on our new store development concept — entitled D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT ("dream design department store").
We opened our first store in Okusawa, Tokyo, in 2000, and our second store in Osaka in 2002.

Today, we are developing the D&DEPARTMENT NIPPON PROJECT to create a chain of D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT stores in 47 prefectures throughout Japan.
We are also developing a "dream hotel" project entitled D&MOTELS STORE, as well as a dining establishment enterprise called D&COFFEE.

drawing and manual continues to explore real life design for better living